RG Properties | Property Management | Dayton, Ohio
Locally owned & operated

RG Properties has been locally owned and operated for more than three decades. The company manages nearly 7,000,000 square feet of space in shopping centers, office buildings and research and development centers and approaches every property from a unique perspective.

Because RG Properties comes from an owners’ perspective, the company can view the asset as an owner would, evaluating all aspects and possibilities.

RG Properties’ proven eye for development allows it to see all the opportunities the asset provides. The company’s leasing experience gives it the contacts needed to fully lease the property with tenants that are a good fit.

RG Properties’ local presence gives it “boots on the ground” and an eye on the market that has proven invaluable to servicing many properties.

Property maintenance and supervision

•24/7 Emergency response
•Timely response to maintenance requests
•Uniformed maintenance staff
•Regular property inspections
•Scheduled preventative maintenance
•Vendor selection and bidding
•Contract bidding and negotiation
•Capital improvements and remodeling

Revenue management and record keeping

•Disbursement of funds including mortgage/note(s), management fees, utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance and capital improvements.
•Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports

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